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My first CC upload for TS4!

Six Clara Oswald outfits!

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New download link! Get the outfits here!

The Hide top should be fixed. Please reinstall that file if you want it.


Marie’s Sims: More Children Clothes for the Sims 4

Marie’s Sims: More Children Clothes for the Sims 4.



Not taking any chances

I scrolled past this and the guilt was too much


A quiet and undeniable truth is that we are all driven by the most submerged emotions, the clandestine gut feelings that push us all on our paths.  Our thoughts arise at the simplest of times.  Among the greatest experiences are a silent hug on the sidewalk, a door releasing warmth on the way into the building, a twenty-minute call to an old friend.

I can read a hundred books and learn a thousand songs.  I can laugh and wonder, think and create, cherish and seek charity.   A loose leaf sheet of paper falls gracefully into the river and floats at first, before being instantly and unsympathetically dragged down by its own inner lodgings.  All paper is the same; the words are what commands its importance.

All the rivers in Venice and all the lights in Paris cannot speak as an example for the world.  The world is not defined by the landmarks, but the people who experience them.  Wander!  Explore the vast and uncertain paths of existence.  Do not sink into the cave of regret or trespass in the ravine of self-doubt. 

I Love You sounds the same whenever one hears it; the name of the speaker is the significance of the speech.  The lull in a conversation is the moment for the deepest thoughts to emerge.  The hushing silence of a sleeping dog is the time when you cherish the friend.  The snow is longingly pursued at the cusp of winter, but we smile when it finally loses its grasp on the earth.



Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.

Ok just a reminder to everyone: If you’re planning on tweeting billie joe armstrong “wake up” or something tomorrow, DON’T. The song is about his father’s death and so it’s really personal and treating it like a joke isn’t the right thing to do. Plus he’s asked so many times for people to stop and no one listens so yeah. Please don’t do that.



Husain Abdullah received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for praying on Monday. [Yahoo]

This is probably going to be a big deal tomorrow. The NFL can’t do anything right this year.

it is a big deal, how many times has tebow kneeled down? Has he ever been penalized? No. Bullshit. Then they have the audacity to be calling it excessive celebration, screw the NFL. Let a white Christian male kneel down and protect his ass, create a movement and call it tebowing, but once a Black Muslim Male does it, it’s flagged. IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL IT’S NO LONGER INVOLVING A WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE BUT RATHER A BLACK MUSLIM. LOAD OF B.S.